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The African Partnership Forum, LLC have launched this website in order to promote the development in African countries. Nowadays, a lot of communities have been created or established to provide awareness on the need of Africa, how it can be developed to a strong continent and every countries on it that they will become dependent on their countries use of all the resources it can provide. In this moment, Africa as a continent itself would need all the financial and technical support in order to provide the education and awareness of every population and thanks to the African and foreign advocates the development of Africa has already been established and started.

The Site and company founder, Lance Mason.

The Site and company founder, Lance Mason.

After working in United Nation and living in Africa for few years, the site founder, Dr. Lance Mason of African Partnership Forum, have decided that by launching this website, the change that is needed to expedite the development of African countries is no longer impossible. We already have the right people and tools to feed knowledge to every individuals living in those countries to learn more about the potential of their country with the help of external and internal forces that will promote sustainability and reliability to their own.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” taken from the quote by Laozi, a Chinese philosopher. That has been the philosophy being followed by the founder, Lance Mason and the African Partnership Forum team. We here at African Partnership Forum believed that we are all siblings and should help our brothers and sisters who are in need, especially those who are living in African continent. With the help of this website, we are encouraging every visitors and forum users to share this site and encourage those who they believed are capable of being an active member of this site that will help in promoting awareness in African development.

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