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What is the Africa Partnership Forum (APF)?  

The Africa Partnership Forum (APF) was established following the Evian G8 Summit in 2003 as a way of broadening the existing dialogue between the G8 and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) to include other African institutions and Africa’s major bilateral and multilateral development partners. 

The objective of the Forum is to catalyze and support action on both sides of the partnership in support of Africa’s development.  Its role is:

  1. to make recommendations to leaders on decisions which need to be taken in key regional and global processes, including the G8 and G20, the African Union and the UN, in support of Africa’s development. The themes of the Forum should be strongly aligned to the main themes of these regional and global processes;
  2. to monitor the delivery of commitments by both sides of the partnership.

APF members

The APF is comprised of:

  • Personal Representatives of Heads of State or Government of the members of NEPAD;
  • The Chairperson of the African Union Commission;
  • Heads of the eight African Union recognized regional economic communities;
  • Head of the African Development Bank;
  • Heads of State or Government of Africa’s principal development partners;
  • The President of the European Commission;
  • Heads of selected international institutions (e.g. the United Nations and its United Nations Development Programme and Economic Commission for Africa, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the OECD).

Africa’s principal development partners have been defined as those with official development assistance programmes to Africa exceeding US$100 million a year. This list has been recently reviewed by co-chairs in light of the latest available statistics, and invitations to join the APF have been extended to a number of additional countries.  A further group of countries are also being invited to attend the next APF meeting.

Nature and format of meetings

The APF meets twice a year, with the first meeting focusing primarily on the main political issues to be discussed in key regional and global processes, and the second focusing primarily on the monitoring and evaluation of commitments. The conclusions of each meeting are recorded in Joint Statements.

There are four co-chairs: two from Africa, and two from development partners. The current development partner co-chairs are United States (as G8 presidency), and Belgium (as chair of the non-G8 constituency).


 Recent APF Meetings

 Focus Areas

12th APF  Rome, Italy, May 2009  Impact of the economic crisis, drug trafficking, climate change
Special Session   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia September 2009  Climate change (Special Session held in run-up to UNFCCC Conference in Copenhagen)
13th APF  Addis Ababa, January 2010  Climate change, food security, the crisis and development finance, impact of the crisis on health
14th APF  Toronto, Canada, April 2010  Health, food security, regional partnerships
15th APF  Lilongwe, Malawi, October 2010  Outcome of recent international meetings, climate change, delivery of commitments
16th APF  Paris, France April 2011  Economic growth, investment and job creation
17th APF Addis Ababa, November 2011 Private investment, infrastructure and prospects for COP 17
18th APF Paris, France, April 2012 Energy for All
previous meetings

African members

 NEPAD   NEPAD   AU/NPCA/RECS   Partner Institutions
 Algeria Madagascar  African Union Presidency   AFDB
 Benin Malawi AU Commission   UNECA
Cameroon  Mali  NPCA  
Democratic Republic of Congo  Namibia  COMESA   
Congo Republic Nigeria  CEN-SAD   
Egypt  Rwanda  ECCAS   
Ethiopia  Senegal ECOWAS   
Gabon   South Africa IGAD   
Lesotho  Sudan SADC  
Libya    Tunisia  AMU   

 Development partner members

G8   Non-G8  International Organisations  Observers
Canada  Austria  ICA   Australia
EU  Belgium  IMF   Greece
France  Denmark  OECD   Korea
Germany  Finland  UNDP   Luxembourg
 Italy  Ireland  UNECA   Mexico
Japan  Netherlands  UN - OSAA  Poland
Russia  Norway  World Bank   Turkey
United States  Portugal WTO  
United Kingdom  Spain    

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