11th APF, Addis Ababa - Documents/Reports


11th Meeting of the Africa Partnership Forum,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

17-18 November, 2008

Co-chairs Summary

1. Provisional List of Documents

APF/ ADDIS -2008/01

2. Draft Programme

ADDIS -2008/02

3. Emerging Governance Issues from the APRM

APF/ADDIS – 2008/03

4. Development Finance in Africa


5. Information-Sharing Issues (follow up to 10th APF, Tokyo, Japan)
-- Update on AU/NEPAD Africa Action Plan (to come)

-- Report on Carbon Finance

-- Carbon Finance in Africa - Background paper

APF/ADDIS- 2008/05

6. Background Briefing Note on Recent International Meetings

 (for information only)