Special Session on Climate Change in Africa


UNECA Headquarters,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 3 September 2009


The APF held a Special Session on Climate Change on 3 September 2009 at UNECA’s Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event focused on Africa’s concerns and expectations in the run up to the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009. This was the first such Special Session of the APF to focus on a strategic theme facing Africa and the world.


The meeting was addressed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, Ministers from African countries and Africa’s development partners. Regional institutions such as UNECA, NEPAD and the AU Commission also attended. The Joint Statement will be transmitted to the UN High Level event on 22 September, the G20 Summit at Pittsburgh and other processes.


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List of Documents

1. Provisional List of Documents APF Special Session/ 01
2. Final Annotated Agenda APF Special Session/ 02
3. Final Programme APF Special Session/ 03
4. Aide Mémoire APF Special Session/ 04
5. Enhanced Action on Mitigation of Climate Change APF Special Session/ 05
6. Enhanced Action on Adaptation to Climate Change APF Special Session/ 06
7. Enhanced Action on Technology Development and Transfer APF Special Session/ 07
8. Financial Resources and Investment for Climate Change APF Special Session/ 08
9. Possibilities for Africa in Global Action on Climate Change APF Special Session/ 09
10.  Carbon Finance in Africa APF Special Session/ 10














Joint Statement


Background materials from Grantham Research Institute

Background Document: Global Agreement on Climate Change in Africa

Background Document: Africa Paper 1 Fact Base

Background Document: Africa Paper 2 Deal Elements

Background Document: Implications for African Leaders



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